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How can we reasonably use electric power battery?

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  If the internal resistance of the battery is inconsistent when the battery is used in series, the voltage of the battery terminal will be inconsistent during the charging and discharging process. As a result, the battery will fail prematurely due to insufficient charging. Therefore, the balance and consistency of the battery pack on an e-bike have a considerable impact on the battery life. How to improve the balance and consistency of battery pack is a difficult problem for every battery manufacturer, but for consumers, how to use the battery properly will also have a certain impact on the balance and consistency of the battery, thus affecting the service life of the battery. Based on years of research and practical use of batteries, it is recommended that users use batteries in the following ways

  (1) Electric vehicle running speed: 20-25kmh

  (2) Driving distance: 10-30kmd, discharge depth less than or equal to 70% (discharge once every 2 months).

  (3) Charging frequency: once a day.

  (4) Passenger capacity: Single passenger (can carry a child under 10 years old). According to the above method, a good quality e-bike can be used normally for 3-4 years or even 5 years, and the battery can be used for about 1.5 years. The reason is that there is an inflection point of voltage drop in the late discharge period of lead-acid battery, that is, 10.5v battery. After that, if the battery continues to discharge, the backward battery will discharge too much and will discharge for a long time, the balance consistency of the battery pack becomes worse, and the whole battery will fail. In the battery industry standard, the cycle life of the battery is required to be 70% discharge, namely 10h, 5A discharge 84min, voltage limit 14.7-15.0v, current limit 3A charge 4.6h. The average manufacturer's battery can reach 350 times, the good company's battery can reach more than 500 times. This indicates that the shallower the discharge depth of the battery, the longer the cycle life of the battery and the longer the service life of the battery. Therefore, consumers generally believe that a charge is a cycle is wrong. To extend the life of the batteries they use, they must keep them fully charged at all times. Under long-term power failure, the negative electrode of the battery is easily salinized, resulting in the loss of battery capacity and affecting the service life of the battery.

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