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Advantages and disadvantages of lithium iron phosphate battery

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  (1) Lithium phosphate battery pack is a kind of lithium ion battery with lithium phosphate battery as cathode material. It is characterized by no cobalt and other valuable raw materials, cheap raw materials, rich and colorful phosphorus and iron resources on the earth, difficult to feed and difficult. The working standard is moderate, the net weight capacity is large (170mAh g), the rated discharge power is high, the charging is fast, the service life is long, and the reliability is high in the high temperature and high heat natural environment. Advantages of lithium iron phosphate battery pack: small size and light weight. Lithium ion battery has a volume of 23 and a light weight, which is only 13-14 of lead-acid battery. The cycle life of lithium iron phosphate battery is 1200-2000 times, while that of traditional lead-acid battery is only 500-900 times. The battery has good charging characteristics. The charging efficiency is more than 97%, and the charging efficiency is about 80%. The raw materials of lithium iron phosphate battery do not contain heavy metals and nonferrous metals. It is non-toxic and pollution-free in production and use. There is no explosion and fire in puncture, extrusion, overcharge, short circuit fault and other tests. The memoryless rechargeable battery can be charged anytime, anywhere. Wide operating temperature range. The maximum value of lithium phosphate battery is 350 ℃ - 500 ℃, and that of lead-acid battery is only 200 ℃.

  (2) Disadvantages of lithium iron phosphate battery pack: rechargeable lithium iron phosphate battery has low vibration density and low compaction relative density, resulting in low specific energy of lithium ion battery; The manufacturing cost of raw materials and rechargeable batteries is high, the production of rechargeable batteries is low, and the product consistency is poor; Patent issues.

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