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Fuel power cell

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  Fuel power cell is a kind of chemical cell, which directly converts the energy released during chemical reaction of substances into electrical energy, and continuously supplies active substance (reactive substance) fuel and oxidant to it during operation. The development of fuel power cells is based on such disciplines as electrochemistry, electrocatalysis, electrode process dynamics, materials science, chemical process and automation. The earliest fuel power cell was successfully manufactured in 1839 by Grove using hydrogen and oxygen produced by electrolytic water.

  Advantages and disadvantages of fuel power cell:

  The fuel power cell is not a battery in the pure sense, but an engine that transmits electric energy. It converts chemical energy into electric energy and then transmits it to the battery, and then transmits the electric energy to the motor. Its advantages outweigh its disadvantages:

  (1) The efficiency of energy conversion is higher;

  (2) No pollution;

  (3) Simple structure. The battery module of the fuel cell vehicle (proton exchange membrane fuel power cell) is a modular structure, which makes the assembly and maintenance of the battery pack very convenient, and the noise in operation will be lower;

  (4) Hydrogen energy source is sufficient. Hydrogen is a kind of energy with a very wide range of sources and is a renewable resource.

  Disadvantages also exist: the cost is very high, and the requirements for the purity of hydrogen are very high. As hydrogen is an active substance, the requirements for its storage devices are quite strict.

  The requirements for battery system of new energy vehicles are just like the requirements for engines of diesel locomotives. New energy vehicles also have strict requirements for battery packs, and these requirements are directly related to the efficiency of new energy vehicles in electric drive and other issues:

  (1) Specific energy. In order to improve the electric driving range, it is required that the power lithium battery on the vehicle should store energy to the maximum extent, but the premise is that the weight of the vehicle body should not be increased too much, so the battery pack should have a high specific energy.

  (2) Specific power. In order to compare the acceleration performance, climbing performance and load performance of electric drive with diesel locomotive, there will be high requirements on the specific power of battery pack.

  (3) Charging and discharging efficiency. The energy in the battery must go through the cycle of charge discharge charge. High charge discharge efficiency is of vital importance for the driving efficiency of electric drive.

  (4) Stability. The battery pack shall maintain the stability of performance under the reciprocating working conditions of rapid charging and discharging, so that it can achieve sufficient discharge cycles under the operating conditions of the power system.

  (5) Cost. In addition to reducing the initial purchase cost of the battery, the service life of the battery should also be improved.

  (6) Security. The battery shall not self ignite or cause combustion, and shall not cause personal injury to the driver and passengers in case of vehicle collision.

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