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What are the reasons for low voltage or zero voltage in lithium batteries?

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  (1) There is no voltage or current contact inside the battery

  (2) The polymer lithium ion battery yellow rubber lug section short circuit fault, lithium battery packaging leakage

  (3) The polar ear glue does not leak out of the packaging film, and the polar ear is connected to the large-capacity lithium ion battery with short-circuit fault according to the aluminum foil in the inner layer of the packaging box.

  (4) The pole ear of the polymer lithium ion battery is broken: the short circuit fault is caused between the metal belt and the aluminum plastic film during the packaging of the lithium battery, so that the leakage suddenly appears according to the heating (about 140℃) and the aluminum plastic film hot melt sealing bonding in a piece.

  (5) Short circuit fault of external structure of polymer lithium-ion battery, such as knockdown of a lot of batteries, short circuit fault of lap between polar ears, positive and negative ears clamped on the same side when lithium battery is loaded into the cabinet, etc.

  (6) Polymer lithium ion battery internal short circuit fault, or micro short circuit fault, such as: positive and negative electrode burr phenomenon through the isolation film paper touch short circuit fault, isolation film paper is not wrapped around the pole sheet or just flat with the pole sheet, resulting in short circuit fault

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